Team Roles:

Project Manager =
  • Encourage a positive attitude within the team
  • Encourage and focus the team (refer to your goals and reflections)
  • Help where needed most
  • Ensure deadlines are met
  • Lead spokesperson for class discussions
  • Lead team discussions, ensure all ideas are heard

Chief Technician =
  • Manage digital aspects of the team
  • Thoughtfully delegate digital tasks
  • Problem solve technical issues
  • Store and save files (and share on Google Drive with all team members)
  • Maintain Wiki page, including all photography
  • Update social media accounts when necessary (Twitter, Instagram)

Strategy Manager =
  • Organize and delegate research tasks
  • Encourage team to take risks and be creative
  • Focus team on creative problem solving
  • Lead team in embracing challenge
  • Lead troubleshooting and brainstorming sessions
  • Ask for help from other groups or teacher when needed

Quality Control Manager:
  • Ensure team has a finished, polished product before presenting to an audience
  • Ensure all work is free from spelling/grammar errors
  • Lead team in making all products visually appealing
  • Lead team in making sure all content is accurate and appropriate
  • Locate contact information for experts when needed
  • Lead communications with outside experts

Goal Setting:

1. What specific questions does your group have about your research topic (or questions you think the public may have)?

2. What specific goals does your group want to achieve by the end of the school year?

3. What specific goals does your group want to achieve by the end of the 2nd Quarter (January 26th)?

4. What is your step-by-step Action Plan to achieve the goals you've set for Quarter 2? Who will be in charge of each step?

Research Sources and Notes:

  • Book: (include title, author, and year published)

  • Media Center Database: (include title, author, and year published)

  • News Article: (include title, author, news source, and date published)

  • Website: (include website URL, title, author, and date published/updated)