Mission Statement

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Mission Statement:

To raise awareness and inspire people around the world to protect and care for honeybees.


Save the bees one drop of honey at a time
Bees are our SUPERPOWER
Make the world a happier, healthier place one hive at a time
Help the bees: hive to hive and bee to bee

Research Teams

Research template
  • Bee Diseases (what diseases can bees get and how can we treat them)
    • Teddy, Logan, Dylan, Jahnvi, Sophie S.
  • Bee Pests (what other animals intrude on bees' hives)
    • Stephen, Gio, Izzy, Kiera, Noah
  • All About Honey (types, how it's made, extraction)
    • Bella, Benji, Dede, Grace, Alex
  • The Pollination Process (how exactly do bees pollinate plants, why are they such an important pollinator)
    • Karsten, AJ, Baran, Vincent, William
  • Importance in an Ecosystem & How Can We Help? (why the honey bees are so important to the environment & what the public can do to save the bees: gardening, pesticides, proper removal, etc)
    • Ava, Dina, Sophia H., Miya, Anaiah
  • Bee Sight & Dance (how bees see and how they communicate through dance)
    • Jenna, Kennedy, Addison, Meredith, Isabel
  • Beekeeping (tools, procedures, how to start your own hive)
    • Nate, Ian, Joey, Cullen
  • Bee Life Cycle & Life in a Colony (life cycle, how they become drone/worker/queen, what each looks like & jobs of worker/drone/queen, daily life, defense)
    • Zach, Ethan, Rob, Abe, Nolan
  • Parts of a Bee (describe the different parts of a bee and how they help them perform their different jobs)
    • Lilly, Gabe, Sydney, Sophia M., Sophia S.
  • Types of Bees (including honeybees, other bees, wasps, hornets)
    • Michael, Ben, Aya, Olivia, Chloe
  • Bees & Human Health (how can humans benefit from bee products such as propolis and honey)
    • Nathaniel, Joshua, Elizabeth, Mina

Research Team Jobs:

  • Decide on the Main ideas you want others to learn about your topic
  • Research and organize your main ideas on your wiki page
  • Find great graphics or pictures
  • Look over the Poster from last year and determine if you need to design a new one
  • Create a Presentation that can be shared with others (It can include a digital component, but it cannot be ALL digital)
  • Look over the Activity sheet from last year and determine if it is appropriate for 3-6th graders. If not, design a new one.
  • Create a Hands-on Activity that could be done with grades 1st - 6th

Activity Packets

Action Teams

Action Template
  • Digital Media (create PSAs/commercials/info videos, Youtube channel, Apps)
    • Baran, Karsten, Addison & Bella
  • Garden (maintain our garden plot, grow plants indoors first, make seed bombs and seed bomb station for conferences)
    • Sophia H., Ava & Olivia
  • Education (investigate field trip opportunities, contact speakers, create posters and brochures, investigate competitions & contact places to present)
    • Teddy, Joshua, Kennedy & Miya
  • BCS Bees Books (create info books, picture books, comic books that raise awareness and teach about bees)
    • Rob, Sophia M., Meredith & Jahnvi
  • Website (create and update pages on our BCS Bees website)
    • Dylan, Nolan, Gabe, Sophia S. & Kiera
  • Beekeeping (run tests on hives, build additional hives, create procedures/plans for when we go to the hives, look at hive innovations & visit hives)
    • Stephen, Lilly, Gio & Dede
  • Digital Games (create digital bee games)
    • Logan, Alex, AJ & Joey
  • Cooking & Recipes (collect and test recipes using honey, create Cook Book to sell)
    • Aya, Nate, Cullen, Izzy & Nathaniel
  • Geocaching (create new geo-coin, set up and maintain geocaches)
    • Ben, Zach, Ethan & Ian
  • Bee Created Products (make products to sell from beeswax and honey)
    • Chloe, Isabel, Vincent, Dina & Noah
  • Bee Related Products (design and create products to sell such as jewelry, cards, key chains, etc)
    • Jenna, Sophie S., Grace, William & Michael
  • BCS Bees Merchandise (design merchandise to sell such as t-shirts, hats, bumper stickers, phones cases, pencils, finalize Beeopoly game, order from vendors & look at other areas to sell our bee products)
    • Anaiah, Benji, Sydney, Abe, Mina & Elizabeth

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