Team Roles:

Project Manager = Dylan
  • Encourage a positive attitude within the team
    • Encourage and focus the team (refer to your goals and reflections)
    • Help where needed most
    • Ensure deadlines are hit

Chief Technician = Teddy
    • Manage digital aspects of the team
    • Thoughtfully delegate digital tasks
    • Problem solve technical issues
    • Store and save files (and share on Google Drive with all team members)
    • Maintain Wiki page, including all photography

Strategy Manager = Jahnvi
    • Organize and delegate research tasks
    • Encourage team to take risks and be creative
    • Focus team on creative problem solving
    • Lead team in embracing challenge
    • Lead troubleshooting and brainstorming sessions

Communication Manager = Logan
    • Lead spokesperson for class discussions
    • Lead team discussions, ensure all ideas are heard
    • Locate contact information for experts when needed
    • Lead communications with outside experts
    • Ask for help from other groups or teacher when needed
    • Update social media accounts when necessary (Twitter, Instagram)

Quality Control Manager: Sophie
    • Ensure team has a finished, polished product before presenting to an audience
      • Ensure all work is free from spelling/grammar errors
      • Lead team in making all products visually appealing
      • Lead team in making sure all content is accurate and appropriate

Goal Setting:

1. What specific questions does your group have about your research topic (or questions you think the public may have)?
    • .Are there any bee diseases are in the hive right now?
    • How many bee diseases are there?

2. What specific goals does your group want to achieve by the end of the school year?
    • Finish Activity sheet, and make our presentation/poster look good.

3. What specific goals does your group want to achieve by the end of the 2nd Quarter (January 26th)?
    • Assign diseases to each person
    • Finish research
    • Finish a Poster

4. What is your step-by-step Action Plan to achieve the goals you've set for Quarter 2? Who will be in charge of each step?
    • We will create a list of the possible diseases in hives (Everyone)
    • We each are going to research about the disease we pick
    • We are going to look at the old poster
    • We are going to either make a new poster or add to the old one.

Research Sources and Notes:

      • Book: (include title, author, and year published)

      • Media Center Database: (include title, author, and year published)

      • News Article: (include title, author, news source, and date published)

      • Website: (include website URL, title, author, and date published/updated)

Research Team Jobs:

      • Decide on the Main ideas you want others to learn about your topic
      • Research and organize your main ideas on your wiki page
      • Find great graphics or pictures
      • Look over the Poster from last year and determine if you need to design a new one
      • Create a Presentation that can be shared with others (It can include a digital component, but it cannot be ALL digital)
      • Look over the Activity sheet from last year and determine if it is appropriate for 3-6th graders. If not, design a new one.
      • Create a Hands-on Activity that could be done with grades 1st - 6th

Link to all of our work
BCS Bees Diseases Files